Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Song that just keeps on playing inside your head I haven’t written for a while. And today I feel like typing about this song that just keeps on playing inside my head. This song sung by Enrique Iglesias – Tired of Being Sorry. Actually it was sung by this band named Ringside but anyway, Enrique's version was better i think . Heard this song in ANTM on this episode where the girls all have to act in Enrique’s music video.

I have to admit that the song was very very catchy and the music video was quite good and at first it was OK to let this song playing in my head. But after a while I just want this song out of my head. I mean, I’ve tried listening to Avenged 7x, MCR and all but the song still resounds in my head. Anyone if you have a solution plz let me know…and..I am listening to that song while I’m typing this blog hahaha

Thursday, November 22, 2007

From Scotland to Malaysia

This is quite a loooong story and to make this story short (coz if the story is too long you guys won’t read it right? ) I will first start with why I went to Scotland. It was because my family and I followed my dad to continue his study. We came back to Malaysia when I was 7 years old.

The first thing that I remembered when I first arrived at Malaysia was this song that Ramlah Ram sang Kau Kunci Cintaku ahahaha. And the first drink was a drinho sugar cane juice (at that time, actually my parents wanted to taste sugar cane juice after all the years that they have been overseas…unfortunately it was far from close to the original sugar cane juice huhu).

After a couple of weeks, I started school temporarily at my aunt’s school. Luckily I did understand and of course I could speak in Malay although its kinda hard to adjust.
When we learned English, this teacher taught us about chair, table, window..and I thought for a while is this the thing that we learn at school? I also remembered this incident when I accidently just babbled in English to my friend beside me and she gave me the clueless face hehe.

Then I went to my real school. I was this girl that was a year younger then anybody else in my class because I entered school in Malaysia one standard earlier (maybe my parents got confused or something because when I was at Scotland standard 2 is equivalent to standard 1 here in Malaysia, so my parents just just entered me into standard 2 hehe)

Ok, so then it was time for mathematics class where everyone had to recite the timetables and I was clueless coz I don’t know anything about timetables at that time. When I studied overseas, I just learnt addition and subtraction. So I was all blurry and the teacher gave us a monthly test on multiplication and division. I cheated a bit (by looking at the timetable behind the exercise book, I’m sure everybody remembers that..haha naughty girl) but I still got quite a low mark (even after cheating I still got a low mark hehe ) because apparently I was a bit confused in using the timetable at that time ;P. My mother being a teacher and all had me memorise the timetable :(

That was mathematics, now for the Bahasa Melayu class haha. Well, this teacher asked us to write one karangan and of course a karangan had to start with a perenggan or paragraph. But I didn’t know what a paragraph was at that time, so when my teacher read my karangan she got angry and pinched my stomach and if you’re wondering yes, it hurts. that was the challenge for me..from Scotland to Malaysia :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Tribute to ex-BESSAR gfx dept

Suddenly remembered those wonderful ppls that once worked here @ gfx dept BESSAR.
I truly missed them and I’m sure that the others who are still here miss them too hehe (prasan la tuh kpd seme2 yg berkenaan). Because actually we are like 1 family, always having fun huhu.

Neway, I made some kind of preview based on what I know about them. Here it goes :

The gurlz :

Ida - This gurl is so caring, soft-spoken, kind and motherly. She came to our office to gain some experience, and now she is a teacher. I'm sure she is a very good teacher and a good warden too because she is the warden at her school.

Iena a.k.a Mrs Meor - This gurl ooppss lady is happily married to our head unit and became Mrs Meor. Now pregnant with their 1st baby huhu.

Che an - Ermm..this gurl is now @ New Zealand far far away from us to continue her studies. What I can say bout her is she is cute and always cheerful – happy happy.
Sorry coz you didn’t receive the card that we sent to you waaaa!! Ne way don’t 4get to wear that sweater that we gave u hihi.

Raihan kecik - This gurl is small, petite like me huhu. Ok wut, we can maintain young n cute, rite raihan? Hehe. Now she is bz with her Muung project (check it out @, she said that she developed episode 6 :D. Give me some commission ya 4 this promotion huhu).

The guyz :

Hairaul - What I can say about this guy is he is the tv series supplier at our office. You just name it - Heroes, Desp H/Wives, Lost, Grey's Anatomy and the list goes on. So now, that he's not here, i have to make an initiative to download the tv series myself hehe. aaa...I forgot to mention that this guy is into Friendster - adding all cute and pretty gals ahaahha

Epol - When are we going for another karaoke session? This guy is into karaoke, movies and Japanese things (the language, the drama, Japanese gals) hehe. This guy studied at UNITEN, the same place as Ajis, Hairaul and also Fiqin. Aaaa…don’t forget to buy more Koh Kae peanuts when you go back to Perlis ok?

Ajis - This guy has a Japanese look because he is half Japanese hehe. Among all ex-Bessar, this guy's face is the most used in the Biology Courseware. Which reminds me that we do have a lot of fun when we shoot videos or take pictures for the courseware huhu.

Fiqin - "other than dat...." ahahhaha just can't get over that phrase that he said in his kelantanese accent when we shot this video about ... hmm...I can't really remember which lesson, gotta refer to Biology CD 4 hehe. we(me fiqin n iena at that time) all acted as students (thanks to our cute face ;p) in that video huhu

Bad - Don’t quite know this guy coz when I first started my job here, I was sent to D’corp, Damansara. And when I was transferred back here at Technology Park, he no longer works here. But I did met him when we went out to watch a movie (not quite sure which movie but I think it was Dorm.Ermmm which reminds me what a waste a money that movie was). Last thing that I heard from him is he works in Syabas now.

Zu - This guy only stayed like 1 month in Bessar huhu coz he can’t stand working here. Anyway, we (me shikin zu sam aidil) were sent to D’corp @ Damansara huhu. Hmm..I think I should make another post just to tell bout D’corp hehe

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thai Green Chicken Curry (TGCC) - nyum nyum

Emmm emm....nyummy!! hehehe (giving myself the credit ;P). Just cooked this recipe today.
Dunno whats gotten into me that I wanted to cook and try out this recipe because honestly..I don't cook that much. But don't underestimate me ok, I still can cook huhu.

Anyone who likes to cook, try this recipe, very very tasty(recipe included)
Actually, I first tasted TGCC at this restaurant named Thai Base, Damansara. Cooking and eating TGCC definitely brings back the memories that me and my D'corp friends have while having our meals there (miss u guyz!!) . The food there was tasty and it was at affordable price (at the beginning of the month hehe).

Anyway, for those who want to try this recipe, here it is :

Green Curry Chicken

2 tablespoons oil
1 medium onion
1 stalk lemongrass
1 tablespoon chopped ginger
3 tablespoons Thai green curry paste
2 kaffir lime leaves
3 cups coconut milk
1 1/2 pounds chicken
Sea salt
1 lime
1 handfull Cilantro leaves

1. Heat oil
2. Saute the onion
3. Add in lemongrass, ginger, curry paste and lime leaves
4. Pour in the coconut milk
5. Lay the chicken pieces in the mixture to poach
6. Add a pinch of salt
7. Stir together and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes
8. Squeeze in the lime juice and cilantro

Thai Green Curry Paste

2 tablespoons coriander powder
1 tablespoon cumin seeds powder
1 tablespoon whole black peppercorns
8 green chiles
2 shallots
4 garlic cloves
1 handful cilantro
2-inch piece galangal
2 lemon grass stalks
2 kaffir lime leaves
1 tablespoon shrimp paste
1/2 cup water

Add in everything into a blender and blend blend blend

Happy Cooking :D

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Taking risks (chaiyok!chaiyok! // gambatene!!)

Hmm..ok..2day feeling like talking about risks in life. Do you take risks in life..pushing urself to the limits? How and when will you reach your limit? Huhu…I guess I haven’t taken enough risk in life. That’s why my life is kinda boring (haha not afraid to admit it!!) :D

Ok now just try to think about the riskiest thing that you have ever done in your life.Maybe you started your own business...maybe you confessed that you love someone...maybe you switched your job..anything.

Hmm...when I think back, there are some things that I have done that are risky(at least in my opinion it is risky..coz i've never did those things before) - snorkeling (I really really want to do this again!!), hiked to the top of Gunung Stong, Jelawang (3 hours to get there huhu) and I think the most challenging for me is working and being a student at the same time (you'll never know how it feels unless you try it yourself, rite shikin?).

What I can conclude is I do take risks, but I think I can do more.Maybe I am in the safe zone..where everything is in its don’t have to change a thing…everything's all good. I think I take calculated risks where you check on the pros and cons and then you go for it. Besides, we don’t have to learn from our mistakes only..learn from other ppls mistake too, so we don’t repeat our mistakes..and also other ppls mistake.

For those who want to take risks , check this out:

1. Don't risk every single thing.

2. Determine what exactly do you want in life.

3. Learn from your failures and also other ppls failures.

4. Avoid unhealthy risks.

5. Don't worry about what others think.

6. Start right now, don't wait any longer.

7. Take the risk if there's nothing to lose.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Huhu forgot to wish u guyz!!
Any how welcome coz u r most welcomed to read this blog of mine :D
I like writing actually, juz don’t have the time coz my life is sooo bz
I will try to post as often as I can ..ok.
Happy reading!

1/4 life crisis ARGHHH!!!!

According to an article that I’ve read, normally it happens at the late 20’s but maybe it struck me earlier (I’m not even mid 20’s hehe) . This condition is due to the transition between student life to adulthood and it is very challenging, especially nowadays.

Maybe the author is right, we tend to think too far forward and want to get high pay, a secure job in a short period of time basically immediately after graduating but that seems almost impossible nowadays . Maybe if you graduated like 20 years ago, then, of course the work will come to you but not now. There are too many graduates so everybody has to compete.

And this is not only about job and money, it also involve being and staying in a relationship so that you can get married..have kids etc.

And thanks to the technology such as computers, internet and mass media we tend to compare ourselves with other people more often. I admit, even I do. Everytime I open my Friendster, I get to know that this person has a great job, is engaged..this person is married and had a spectacular wedding , this person is pregnant and others even have babies. And all of this somehow gives a picture that everyone is doing better than you.

Anyhow, what I can say is don’t ever lose faith in urself. Everybody has their own way and they walk their own path. Maybe you haven’t found the path just yet…