Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tribute to Ex-BESSAR gfx dept (II)

The last few weeks have been very hard for me..well for a couple of reason and one of them is the fact that BESSAR is downsizing the gfx dept. sad but true :(...

Downsizing, fire, terminate whatever you call it, it has the same meaning rite?

So this is another tribute (additional one) for ex-BESSAR gfx dept. Here it goes :

Wanie - This gurl is totally, chronically, definitely addicted to editing pix and her Friendster hehe. I think she can't let 1 day passes by without editing a new pic and uploading it to Friendster (Wanie if ur reading this, don't me mad'll get old ;P). But she makes the gfx dept a happy and cheerfull place I guess coz she keeps saying the wrong words at the right time so everyone notices her blunder and gets bullied by all of us huhu

Krolz - This guy is soooo talkative that sometimes you just wish that for a second he will stop talking, but I don't think that will happen hehe. He likes to tease ppl, especially Wanie, who sit rite next to him and occasionally they will have their little fight ahahaha. I'll take care of your remote control car ok?

Idan - This guy is not much of a talker. He likes to observe what other ppl are doing esp me and Shikin coz we are his nearest neighbour. He likes to play futsal, and he is apparently quite good at it. Now, he is waiting for his first child...someone is going to be a dad soon hehe

Zul - This guy sat rite next to Idan and he is not much of a talker too except when he plays CS with the other guys. Now, that's the time when you can hear him loud and clear huhu. Actually he just got married huhu

Taming - Why do we call him Taming? well I don't really know huhu. But he likes to karaoke and he did promised to belanja us all karaoke rite? don't forget haaa...

Alright, for you guys best of luck, hope you will find better opportunities out there OK? Keep in touch...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Weekend Craziness

Since the last couple of weeks seems quite boring 4 me so I went out to entertain myself with some retail therapy which always work 4 me when I feel bored, I feel sad, feel down - retail therapy is the cure 4 me haha ;P.

Went to Times Square that Saturday morning...surveyed Metrojaya and some other shops there and found this must have pair of pants :D so of course I bought it.

Then around 12 noon, I made my way to Mid Valley haha to check out JJ. Found some nice blouses there too :D. So I guess my shopping went really really well.

So that was Saturday. Now for Sunday. Well, I went to Mines to meet up with my friends to play bowling which i didn't play for some time. But there was this bowling tournament and half the lanes was booked and we had to wait for an hour to play. So we karaoked first and then we went bowling and I striked once haha (there's a pic 4 evidence look at the S collumn haha) X, sweet...

So, that's my weekend huhu...