Monday, February 8, 2010

SOS! I can't remember things!

Are you forgetful? Finding yourself hard to memorise things, or have trouble remembering
stuffs? Ever felt that it would be wonderful to have the 4GB RAM as your short-term
memory and that 500GB hard disk of yours as your long-term memory? Well don't feel
that way. We are so much better than the computers. So how can we improve our memory? These are some tips :

1. Chunk the information

Group certain words or numbers, so that it will be easier to remember. For example, you can chunk the number 8977344 into 897 7344. Sometimes, we do chunking, but we are not aware of it. This can also be applied to types of fruits, animals and so on. When grouping, arrange the information in order.

2. Rhyming

In Malay, we don't really apply rhyming, maybe except for pantun and syair. And maybe thats why they use rhyming in these poetry work (hey and also in songs right?). Because besides that it sounds great, when the lyrics rhyme, it is also easy to memorise.

3. Recitation before you go to sleep

Before you go to sleep, relax yourself & go through the things that you want to memorise. Write it down, read it and go to sleep (Never tried this technique before, but sometimes, before I go to sleep, I will think about what to do the next day, does that count?)

4. Don't tense yourself

This often happens to us...when we try so hard to recall something, we just can't remember it. But when we don't want to think about it, then we remember. So don't tense yourself, relax and don't be anxious especially when answering your exams. Because that will make things worst.

5. Mnemonics

This is a quite popular technique. Who doesn't use this technique (especially in remembering rainbow colours - "Michael Jackson kena halau balik India Utara"). But in using mnemonics, it is better if we can visalise it.

6. Excercise

Yes, our life is hectic, but excercise does really improve our memory. Do physical exercise as well
as mental excercise (playing Scrabble, Sudoku you get the idea).

7. Ample rest & sleep

Doze off ZzZZZZZZzzzzz.......

Happy memorising! ;)